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The health insurance does not automatically pay for good medical services. Surgery credit is needed when patients need the best medical care. Whether cosmetic surgery by an experienced surgeon or for implants, the cost share of medical interventions can be up to 100 percent.

We want you to be able to afford the surgery from a doctor you trust. We do not question what the operation costs, but whether the doctor is also adequately qualified to obtain credit. We invite you to compare credit between a direct bank loan and a special offer from the waiting room.

One-stop loan for surgery and financing?

One-stop loan for surgery and financing?

Surgery credit is an issue for many patients. Both at the dentist and for medical bills for cosmetic interventions, the health insurance companies only pay a subsidy at most. The OR, the implant (dental implant and breast implant) and all “extras” can be financed via a waiting room offer to meet the needs. Three details sound particularly tempting with these offers.

The offer for interest-free credit and direct billing with the doctor or the laboratory for dentures. It is also important for people who are planning a cosmetic surgery that they are spared the credit conversation at the house bank. When applying for credit by post, special providers such as medipay and Z | easy seem to take all patient requirements into account. Most patients also have no problem with the limited choice of laboratory.

They value German quality work both for the operation and when choosing the implants. A foreign operation and the dentures from China or the breast implant from France are out of the question anyway. Nevertheless, the loan for the surgery can of course be low-interest and uncomplicated. The conversation at the counter can be prevented at direct banks and special providers.

Credit comparison – requirements for the comparison

Credit comparison - requirements for the comparison

The decisive factor for many applicants is the quick and easy application without having to face an administrator. In addition, the loan should be low-interest, repay in small installments, but at the same time leave a lot of financial scope. Therefore, we set a maximum rate of $ 120 – $ 140 a month for the loan comparison. In the first loan comparison, 2,800 USD of own contribution should be financeable.

We provide you with first-hand figures, for the special offer on the surgical loan we use the medipay installment calculator. The figures for offers from direct banks come from a free loan comparison. In order not to compare “utopian” shop window rates, we select interest rate offers that are independent of creditworthiness. For both comparison offers, we also assume that the borrower can demonstrate the creditworthiness required for the lending.

Loan comparison 2,800 USD – doctor’s credit versus direct bank

Loan comparison 2,800 USD - doctor

In a direct comparison of convenience, the special offer scores with direct billing with a doctor and laboratory. The application by post, however, corresponds to the online loan of the Stone Age. Only Post-Ident and even double correspondence by mail can help with a special loan. Nobody has to leave the house for the direct bank loan. If you apply for a videoident, the credit could be in your account 48 hours later.

For the comparison of interest and rates, the provider’s loan calculator offers financing in accordance with our preconditions with a term of 24 months. The monthly installment payment for 2,800 USD loan for the surgery is 126 USD. The rate calculator shows 6.90 percent as the annual percentage rate. This results in a total loan cost of $ 224.

If 2,800 USD of credit were sought for the surgery using a free credit comparison calculator, an effective annual interest rate of 1.79 percent independent of creditworthiness would be possible. The monthly comparison payment shows the loan comparison calculator with 118.84 USD. A total of 52.08 USD in financing costs for the OR small loan.

Interim conclusion:

It is much easier and faster to apply for a direct bank loan, but the medical bill itself would then have to be transferred. In terms of financing costs, the direct bank loan is ahead of the game. The special financing costs 4.3 times the price.

Credit comparison – maximum loan amount for the surgery

Credit comparison - maximum loan amount for the surgery

The special offer only allows financing for a maximum of 72 months. We therefore set this value as the maximum term. With a maximum installment payment of $ 140, $ 7,650 operating loan could be financed through medipay. The effective annual interest rate – with a term of 72 months – is 9.90 percent. This results in interest costs of $ 2,429.64.

The loan comparison shows the maximum loan amount with $ 140 monthly installments and a 72-month term of 9,000 loan amounts. The loan would be affordable at 3.89 percent APR. With a 9,000 USD loan for the surgery, a total of 1085.70 USD interest would have to be paid. Despite $ 1,350 more credit, $ 1,343.94 less interest would have to be paid.

If the loan amount of $ 7,650 is sufficient, the loan could be paid off within 60 months. In this case, with 3.89 percent effective annual interest, only 766.43 USD would have to be paid. The loan for the operation would be 1,663.21 USD cheaper than the special offer from the doctor’s office.


Bank credit is not only easier to apply for, it also costs a fraction of the financing costs. It’s always worth comparing loans.

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