Why should I organize my finances?

Money can help you realize some of your biggest dreams or the reason for your sleepless nights. It may be what will allow you to give up yourcareer or what you will use to help a hand helping other people (and why not both together?!). At the National Week of Financial Education (ENEF), GuiaBayment ‘s blog will go through various topics of finance, starting with their importance.

How many times have you been upset that you couldn’t finish the blue one?

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Even though we insist that it doesn’t even matter that much, money is very much connected with what we do and feel.  Most likely, it was a small slip in the budget that brought you such concern. Perhaps an extra higher than indicated expense, an emergency expense or even confusion when doing the math.

Therefore, we argue that financial planning is not a good solution for those who want to get rich. On the contrary!

It is even more important for anyone who wants to lead a peaceful and balanced life first of all.

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Jotting down your expenses, breaking them down into categories, understanding where you can save without sacrificing, and setting a goal are small actions that, if followed, would free you from the fright of finding a lost expense and not knowing. how to pay it If you’ve ever been surprised by a long installment installment (which you didn’t even remember anymore), you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Organizing finances is the first step in taking control of your budget and not getting in the way of any forgotten or unexpected expenses.

But it is also key to running after your biggest dreams. Have you ever imagined enjoying the Olympics in Japan quietly because all expenses were already included in your planning? Or then pay off that debt that seems infinite? These are achievements that may seem far-reaching, but with good planning, they get closer and closer.

I know that getting this organization into practice in the beginning can bring some difficulties.

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But it’s nice to think of it as a road that will lead you into a breathtaking landscape. The desire to see that wonderful sunset will give you all the strength to complete the route – that’s your goal, but we’ll talk more about it in the next post. And in the end, when you get there, you will see that the reward was worth it and you were able to pay an exchange for your eldest son and still set aside for a buck for any emergency he has.

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